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Essential Hair Products, Effortless Looking Hair

I have been a Kevin Murphy fans for years! I LOVE LOVE LOVE his products! They are so gentle on the hair and each one just just smells amazing! Ok, so now you know I love his products… here’s what … Continue reading

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Oops, I forgot about my blog.. Again.

Hi! It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything, I mean a few years.. I don’t know what happened there. Life happened. A big move happened, a break up, life changes, and then another big move and now I’m … Continue reading

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Beauty Lesson #10: The Quick Fix Guide to Refresh your Makeup

When your out having a good time, the last thing you want to worry about is your makeup! Here are a few quick tricks to making it last when your having a night out on the town. Avoid shine. I … Continue reading

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Beauty Lesson #9: How to Choose an Eye Shadow Palette

Owning an eye-shadow palette is practical and minimizes makeup clutter. Many women are guilty (I know I am!) of picking out the wrong one and the palette ends up in the garbage or just collecting dust. An eye shadow palette … Continue reading

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Beauty Lesson #8: How to clean your makeup brushes.

I am definitely guilty of not cleaning my makeup brushes often enough! I’m hoping this post will inspire me to clean my brushes more often! lol :) You should clean your brushes on a regular basis to remove: old makeup … Continue reading

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Top 5 Requested Celebrity Hairstyles

Personally I feel like I get these requests the most in the salon, Rhianna’s is probably the last one on the list. Although, Rhianna’s cut is prob my fave out of all these and I love Zooey’s bangs! Rihanna’s Cropped … Continue reading

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Beauty Lesson #7: how to get the most out of your shampoo and conditioner

Properly shampooing and conditioning your hair is actually the most important step in your hair care maintenance routine. Shampoo and conditioner set the foundation for everything that comes after. What does shampoo & conditioner do? Shampooing slightly opens up the … Continue reading

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