Essential Hair Products, Effortless Looking Hair

I have been a Kevin Murphy fans for years! I LOVE LOVE LOVE his products! They are so gentle on the hair and each one just just smells amazing! Ok, so now you know I love his products… here’s what I’ve been most into the last few weeks…..


When you want a beach textured look, this product is where it’s at! It’s so versatile, it can be used on wet or dry hair. It smells like you’ve spent the day at the beach without getting sand in places you don’t want. ;-) Honey, citrus and tangerine is what makes this product pop! If your hair dries on it’s own pretty well, without too much frizz, go ahead a spray this on wet hair all over and give it a good scrunch. You’ve got yourself an easy going, summer look without much effort. Now, for use on dry hair – and this is what I usually do for my second day hair or clients that come in and want that beach look that everyone is just loving these days. For second day hair, no matter how it was styled the day before, you can just give your hair a few good spritz, scrunch and you’re good to go. For a more dramatic wave, use a wand or larger barrel curling iron, spritz spritz spritz and run your fingers through your hair. That’s it! Pretty simple, anyone can get a beach look, you just have to use the right product!


Light hold, higher shine. This anti frizz cream is a life saver! It’s lame when you’ve just spent so much time blow drying your hair just to have all these crazy flyaways. That’s where this little product comes in handy. Just use a tiny bit to smooth out any flyways and you’ve fixed that little problem. EASY.RIDER even makes a great blowout cream itself! Just like you would with any smoothing cream, apply product evenly throughout the hair and blow dry with a round brush. If you have curly hair like I do, use this to smooth out your curls once the hair is dry. Let’s all give a little thanks to Kevin Murphy for designing such a great product! What a good guy….at least I hope he’s a good guy.


Ok, so let’s stray away from Kevin Murphy for a minute… This product line is newer to me. I’ve only been working with it for a few months, but it has definitely showed that miracles really do happen! Plarmia by Milbon. The only other thing I have used that’s even the slightest bit close to this is Alterna’s Caviar line. My go to product in this line right now is definitely the Hairserum Oil F/M. F for fine/medium hair, M for thick/coarse hair.


This products offers best results when combined with the Plarmia shampoo and treatment (conditioner), and most definitely the in-salon restoration treatment. This in-salon treatment has completely changed my hair and I recommend this to everyone…everyone needs to try this at least once and they will believe! Back to the oil – this oil is fantastic for detangling and shine, apply midshaft to ends, comb and blow dry or air dry. I even use a tiny bit after the blow dry to shine up the ends even more. Keep in mind that a little of this goes a really long way! These products are a little bit pricier than your average salon product, but the results you get with them are sooo worth it! I promise!


Alright, I’m hoping you guys know that you should ALWAYS purchase professional products from your local salon. Support your people! Professional products sold elsewhere are not be trusted.

What hair products have you been loving lately? Have you used Alterna’s Caviar line? If so, what do you like about it? And would you try something new? All questions, comments and/or concerns are welcomed.


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