Beauty Lesson #8: How to clean your makeup brushes.

I am definitely guilty of not cleaning my makeup brushes often enough! I’m hoping this post will inspire me to clean my brushes more often! lol :)

You should clean your brushes on a regular basis to remove:

  • old makeup
  • dirt and debris
  • oils
  • bacteria
  • dead skin cells

When should you clean your brushes?

  • foundation brushes, once a week
  • brushes used for finishing powders and bronzers, once a week
  • blush brushes, once a week
  • eye shadow brushes, every 2-3 days
  • eye liner brushes, after each use

For those that suffer with acne, you will greatly benefit from keeping your brushes clean at all times. To cut down on cleaning time, rotate your brushes so you always have a clean brush to use.

What should you use?

I like to use baby shampoo to clean my brushes, it’s affordable and can be found just about anywhere! It removes all the makeup, dirt and oil from brushes, and is strong enough to kill bacteria/germs without drying out the hair bristles of your brushes. Also, if your in hurry and don’t have time to deep clean your brushes, you can always spot clean with MAC’s brush cleaner. It will clean, disinfect and condition the brushes.

How to clean your brushes:

  • First wet your brushes with warm water, be sure your brushes are facing down when you do this.
  • Next, put a little baby shampoo in the palm of your hand, gently swirl around the makeup brush to remove residue from the bristles. Rinse with water and repeat until brushes rinse clear.
  • Gently shake off excess water, never squeeze brushes, doing so can misshapen the brush.
  • Allow brushes to drying hanging over a clean surface (I let my brush hang over the bathroom sink).

How often do you clean your brushes? What do you do differently?


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One Response to Beauty Lesson #8: How to clean your makeup brushes.

  1. Christine says:

    So helpful! I didn’t realise you are supposed to clean make up brushes so often…oops!

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