Top 5 Requested Celebrity Hairstyles

Personally I feel like I get these requests the most in the salon, Rhianna’s is probably the last one on the list. Although, Rhianna’s cut is prob my fave out of all these and I love Zooey’s bangs!

Rihanna’s Cropped Do

Ask your stylist to section off the longer pieces at the top, then cut the opposite side very short, all the way to the deep side part. The hair can be swept to the side or worn up and back.

Zooey Deschanel’s Wide, Blunt Bangs

Remember to keep your face shape in mind when asking fro these dramatic bangs, I’d narrow the width of the bangs if you’re worried about your face looking too round or wide.

Jennifer Aniston’s Shoulder Grazing Shag

A very relaxed, but sophisticated look. This style is ideal for someone with straight hair, those with very fine texture should avoid this look, as too many layers can thin out your hair.

Kim Kardashian’s Shiny Waves

Kim’s look is pretty and polished, Ask for long, graduated layers and big, flowy waves.

Reese Witherspoon’s Fringe

Her bangs are the perfect length for her face shape, and they’re weighty without looking heavy. Make sure your stylist knows your are committed to having thicker bangs.

Have you tried any of these looks? What are some other celebrity styles you love?


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  1. p.s. I linked all the pics from where I found them, but it didn’t work!

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