Beauty Lesson #7: how to get the most out of your shampoo and conditioner

Properly shampooing and conditioning your hair is actually the most important step in your hair care maintenance routine. Shampoo and conditioner set the foundation for everything that comes after.

What does shampoo & conditioner do?

  • Shampooing slightly opens up the cuticle, removing oil, dirt, and product build up to create a clean environment for conditioning.
  • Conditioning delivers essential nutrients and moisture to the hair, then seals the cuticle to keep hair healthy, balanced and protected.

What you will need…

  • Shampoo and conditioner designed for your hair type
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Microfiber hand towel

How to:

  1. Prior to shampooing , brush your hair to remove any tangles. If you have a flaky scalp brush your hair scalp to ends with a natural bristle brush to loosen up flakes.
  2. Grab a wide tooth comb to keep in the shower, also take a microfiber hand towel, hang in a dry place.
  3. Make sure to get your water right! You should be using warm water. If you have oily hair, using water that is too hot will actually stimulate your scalp’s sebaceous glands, which will produce more oil!
  4. Massage a small amount between your palms to create a lather, about a dime size of shampoo is a good place to start, add more if you need to.
  5. Start to lightly massage at the scalp, letting the suds cover your mid-lengths to ends, rinse until the water runs clear…..Unless your old school (like me! lol) and only wash your hair less than 2 times a week or using lots of styling product, no need to repeat shampooing. If you have oily hair, avoid vigorously massaging the shampoo into your scalp thinking it will get rid of the excess oil. All that rubbing will actually stimulate the oil glands  producing more of what your are trying to get rid of.
  6. Prior to applying conditioner or deep conditioner, towel dry your hair to remove all the excess water in your hair. This will provide better absorption of your product.
  7. Gently work a quarter size (use less if you have short hair) amount of conditioner into the hair from mid-shaft to ends. Comb the conditioner through with a wide tooth comb  and leave on for 1-3 minutes. Rinse until water is clear.
  8. To maintain healthy hair, DEEP CONDITION once a week. Apply just as you would your conditioner, leaving it on for 5-15 minutes (or follow suggestions on the product label).
  9. After shampooing be sure to towel dry your really well. Then use a good leave-in conditioner and comb through. Style as usual.

What is your shampoo routine like? How does it relate to this one?


About Bridget Goins

Beauty Blogger / Professional Hair Artist / Hula Hooper / Wannabe Indie Filmmaker
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