Beauty Lesson #5: Salon Brands vs. Drug Store Brands

This post will be focusing on shampoos and conditioners. Salon brands versus drug store brand products are questioned quite a bit. Which one should you be using? What are the benefits of salon brands? Is there anything wrong with using drug store brands, how will they effect my hair? You get the idea. It all really depends on the person.

Long vs. Short                                                                                                                                Women and men with long hair should always choose professional products, especially if your hair is really long. Short hair typically has the same texture at the root and the ends, unless chemically treated (colored, permed, relaxed, etc.). Short hair is cut more often, so it doesn’t have a chance to become damaged. Most professional products are formulated for specific hair needs, so they really do need professional recommendation.

Also consider age when purchasing your hair products. As we age hair texture changes, it becomes more brittle, thinner, etc. For the older folks, I always recommend salon brands. Giving your hair the tlc it needs will help keep your hair on your head longer! As for the kiddies, it’s best to consider their hair needs as you would your own.

So with all that being said, if you are anyone with short hair that is not chemically treated (which will be mostly boys and men with short hair styles) then it is safe to use drug store brands. However, drug store brands “coat” the hair with a buildup that really affects your drying time and will eventually prevent needed moisture absorption to your hair.

Salon brands cost a little bit more, but they are concentrated (less water in the formula), which means they last longer. Drug store products are cheaper, but you have to use more to get your hair clean. In the end, you have to buy 2-3 bottles of drugstore shampoo versus 1 bottle of professional shampoo. Remember to always use salon brands as directed by your stylist.

Many people have a bad habit of dumping a giant glob of shampoo in there hand, no need to do that with salon brands. It really is a hard habit to break! Professional products are highly concentrated, you only need a small amount, adding more water to your palm or hair will build up lather.

Are you REALLY saving money by buying drugstore brands? What are some of your favorite brands? Do you have any concerns with the shampoo/conditioner you’ve been using?


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