Beauty Lesson #4: How to Shape and Redefine Your Face

Contouring is a more advanced makeup skill, but while we’ve been on the subject of face shapes lately, why not get into it now. When you contour you will change, accentuate, hide, strengthen and define your face. The key is less is more. Be careful so that you don’t look too over done. Your makeup should be simple and natural. It’s your face we want to notice, not your makeup! Think of contouring like your painting a blank canvas. First apply foundation to even out your complexion. Then think of it as creating shape to your face. Always remember, dark shading will make facial features diminish and light shading will make facial features stronger.

What can you achieve with contouring?

  • thin down a rounded face
  • define your cheekbones
  •  define your jawline
  •  lift saggy eyes
  •  soften a square face
  •  narrow a large or wide shaped nose
  •  create fuller lips
  • minimize a large forehead or receding hairline

Be sure your foundation color matches your skin exactly. Your contour color should be two shades darker than your foundation, with the same undertone. And your highlighting color should be one to two shades lighter than your foundation, also with the same undertone. If you don’t know what you should be using, visit your favorite makeup counter and they will help you find the right shades for your skin tone. Remember to blend really well so that the edges completely disappear. Blend, blend, blend, and blend some more! So how do you define your face shape?

What’s your makeup routine like? Do you follow any of these guidelines? Do you do anything different? Please share! :)


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One Response to Beauty Lesson #4: How to Shape and Redefine Your Face

  1. bhush says:

    a good guidance..thank you..

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