Beauty Lesson #1

Start the year off right by picking up some healthy hair habits. Unfortunately,  there are no overnight miracle treatments, it takes a lot of time and dedication to get the hair you want. Right now is the perfect to time to get your hair in check! Here’s what I think are the best ways to getting your hair healthy and keeping it that way!

  1. Healthy hair starts at the scalp. Keep your hair clean! Keeping your hair clean does not mean that you have to shampoo everyday. We all have have sebaceous glands that create sebum (an oily/waxy matter), having your natural oils present on your scalp for a few days will help keep your hair moisturized naturally. I highly recommend shampooing every other day if you have a very oily scalp. Some of us can go 3-4 days without shampooing just fine with the help of a little dry shampoo! Dry shampoo is great for absorbing oil in the crown area and your hairline, and will keep your hair smelling fresh. If you are an everyday washer (like I used to be), it can be tough to switch up your routine to every other day or every 2-3 days. You may feel a little gross and dirty at first, but push through it and use that dry shampoo. As an added bonus, you will save some time getting ready for the day! Yippee! I love Unite 7 Seconds dry shampoo, but keep in mind that dry shampoo is product that you are going to have to try many brands to find the one that you like.
  2. Your diet also plays a major roll in the health of your hair, skin & nails! Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, iron and protein are your friends! :)
  3. DEEP CONDITION weekly! There are so many factors in your day to day that part in drying out your mane, like heat styling (blow dryers, flat irons, & curling irons), a lot of sun exposure, heavy winds, swimming (chlorine or saltwater), etc. Even if none of these pertain to you, you still need to be deep conditioning at least once a week. Regular conditioner does not have enough moisturizers to keep your hair feeling silky and soft. Nothing gets better than Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask!
  4. Use a thermal protector! When styling your hair with a blow dryer, curling iron, etc., it’s always important to use a product to protect your hair from heat elements. Heat protectors seal your hair so that the heat will glide over it, preventing drying, breakage and even burning. There are a thousands variations of this product out there! Prive’s Flash Brilliance is one of my favorites!
  5. Get a haircut! Having regular haircuts is one of the most important ways to keeping your hair healthy. Find a hair stylist that understands what you want and what your hair goals are. You don’t need a serious haircut every time you visit the salon either, a half inch to an inch is all you need for a trim. If you are growing out your hair, make sure your stylist knows this and have them take off less than a half inch regularly. You should make your appointments every 4-8 weeks, depending on what your stylist recommends. Make sure you remember to book your next appointment before leaving the salon! That way you’re sure you are able to get in with your stylist, as good talent books up fast! ;-)

Do not be overwhelmed. The last thing I want you to do, is start doing everything today or even tomorrow. Start by incorporating one thing at a time into your daily routine. I want you to pick one thing off this list, it takes 21 days to develop a habit. Once you have one down, take up another, and so on. Keep up with your hair routine, it takes a lot of time to get your “dream hair”, but I would say it’s definitely worth the wait! ;-)

What will be your first step to healthy hair?

(click on the images to purchase any of these products!)


About Bridget Goins

Beauty Blogger / Professional Hair Artist / Hula Hooper / Wannabe Indie Filmmaker
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2 Responses to Beauty Lesson #1

  1. Gail says:

    Thanks Bridget! Loving your blog. You have given me some great info. I usually leave my hair unwashed during the weekends. I feel as if I am giving it a “rest” from what I did to it during the week. Keep up the great job!

  2. Thank you, Gail!! :)

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